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Acne Solution


ES Products Skin Solution Range..... 

looks after problem skins such as Acne & Eczema.

All products contain Pure Essential Oils and Plant Extracts that have been especially chosen for their Calming and Healing properties. 




Acne - It is thought 8 in 10 people suffer from Acne . Through Elizabeth's profession she has met with many who suffered with this problem, people who had tried many products on the market but failed. It inspired both her and her Team of specialists to create a product that would treat the underlying problem, which is usually caused by overactive sebaceous glands. It would combat Acne, Blemishes, Blocked Pores and Scarring.  Their creation, Problem & Blemished Skin Lotion. Made with a unique blend of  Essential Oils that are each chosen for their individual cababilities but can also work together to acheive the end result. 

Thistle Oil is a high polyunsaturated fat which absorbs easily into the skin but is not greasy. It also contains a high level of linoleic acid which is extremely effective for problem skin. 

Jojoba Oil is used to balance the sebaceous secretions. These are generally overactive in problem skin. 

Shea Butter contains phytosterol, which stimulates the production of new cells, thus helping the healing of the skin. 

Tea Tree and Sweet Thyme contain antiseptic properties.

Lavender has great balancing properties and gives the skin a chance to heal between breakouts.

Lemon helps rejuvenate and balance oily skin.

Juniper Berry is a detoxifying agent and has a balancing effect. 


Amazing results have been found with this lotion.



Case Study 1

This cream is incredible. I have had really bad skin since my teenage years. Everyone told me I would grow out of it but my face was just getting worse and worse. I have really oily skin, which didn't help. Any cream I used would never work. Either they were too concentrated which made my skin very dry or were too oily which only made matters worse. Also, I had a very un-even skin tone: there would be areas which were differnt colours from the rest of my skin. When I first got introduced to this lotion, I myself didn't think it would work as nothing has ever worked for me before. I was wrong, this lotion not only is my perfect moisturiser, it has also gotten rid of all my spots and blackheads. This lotion is really unbelievable, I have only been using it for two weeks and my spots have vanished already. Not only that but my skin has no more blemishes and my blackheads have disappeared. My skin has never felt so good. Not only can I use this acne lotion to treat my spots but I can also use it as a normal moisturiser, which means I can still apply make up on top of it. I use it in the morning and just before I go to sleep. I highly recommend this cream to all those who have facial skin problems. If it worked on my skin, which was really bad, I know it will work fantastic on others.  

Chantel Michael








What a magical product! After many years of suffering from breakouts along my T-Zone and trying so many lotions and potions, I can't express how happy I am to have found this moisturiser. It has an amazing texture which instantly absorbs deep in to the skin, no horrible residue left on the surface, just clean and very carefully selected plants that help to calm, heal and balance the skin. Since finding this product I have given up the use of harsh medicated creams I was given by my GP which always dried out and irritating my skin. I feel so much more confident about the look and texture of my skin that I now wear a lot less makeup and since this clever product helps to control my oil glands, I only need to use my pressed powder makeup once a day rather than up to 4 times a day like I use to in the past. I have never been impressed enough by a product to make a second purchase but this is definitely an item that I will remain devoted to. Almaz 


I am so glad I have managed to find this product again. I used this a few years back when I had bad Acne and after trying all sorts of creams, scrubs, tablets and even toothpaste to try clear my spots I found this product and using it twice a day as recommended like a moisturiser it began working and clearing my spots and scars within a few weeks. Due to this product everyone commented on how well my skin was looking. So I was so glad when I found it again the other day. I ordered two bottles straight away due to still having a little bit of adult ACNE and the occasional few spots. Now within days of starting using this my skin is clear and I am so happy. Please never stop making this product, I will be recommending it to as many people as I can due to it being so good at fighting ACNE. Will be buying more and more. Thanks again, very happy. Craig 


I just wanted to let you know that we have had fantastic feedback from our customers on the Problem & Blemished Lotion. Several customers have phoned me personally to say that their acne has completely disappeared. We are very happy with this lotion, and the purity and quality of the formulation - as you know, we do not take on new products lightly and always test test and test again! Thank you for you continued fast and efficient service.  Amanda 

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Problem and Blemished Skin Lotion  200ml
Problem and Blemished Skin Lotion 200ml
SS002- Skin Solution
5 out of 5 Stars!