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Elizabeth's Journey

Elizabeth was born and grew up in the far south of Ireland, spending an idyllic, strangely bohemian childhood amid the wild, enchantingly beautiful surrounds of Knockane, East Cork. Captivated from an early age by the wealth of nature all around her, Elizabeth was eager to learn everything she could about plants, herbs and flowers, the mysteries of which her Grandmother lovingly revealed, gradually unlocking their many secrets.

At the age of 18, Elizabeth left Ireland for the UK where she subsequently qualified as a registered nurse and went on to specialise in many areas of health-care, before opening her own clinic in London's prestigious Harley Street. Built purely on reputation and dedicated to Lymphatic Drainage following cosmetic surgery, the clinics client base expanded rapidly, and soon was attracting patients from all over the world, including VIP's and Royalty. Indeed, several who still receive consultations at the clinic to this day, have maintained regular treatments since Elizabeth first opened its doors.

Auspiciously, however, years earlier during her nursing career, Elizabeth had happened to visit Sri Lanka where she spent several months on a tropical fruit farm – only to make what to her at the time, was a very alarming discovery. For not only did she learn that mosquitoes were extraordinarily attracted to her fair skin, but that she was also unusually allergic to their bites and quickly became cripplingly swollen from them. Worse! It was quite impossible locally to get conventional medicine for the condition. And inevitably, Elizabeth woke one morning to find that she could no longer walk.

It was then that a kindly lady from the neighbourhood took pity on Elizabeth. Inspired by a legendary old remedy she'd heard of back in her village, she began by scraping off flakes of Red Sandalwood bark, then added the juice of freshly picked Limes and lost no time in grinding the mixture to a smooth paste before gently massaging this aromatic concoction into Elizabeth's legs. The results were nothing short of dramatic. In less than 24hrs Elizabeth witnessed the amazing results for herself. Her swellings had subsided, the pain was gone and she could walk again. The rest – as they say, is history!

Elizabeth never forgot that remarkable experience. Indeed she emerged from it determined to put its lessons to good use. And so it was that some twelve years ago. Aided by her assistant and with the facilities at her Harley Street clinic to draw upon, Elizabeth began her research into the exhaustive testing and painstaking perfection of essential oils and plant extracts that has seen the development of her ever expanding range of first-class products. Their many blends evolve under expert scientific scrutiny . Every one relentlessly improved in state-of-the-art medical laboratory conditions, providing the flexibility to target specific problems as well as general treatments in meeting the exacting demands of the eminent specialist health-research clinics right across Europe, the USA and the whole world over.

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