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Acne Solution

ES Products Skin Solution Range..... 

looks after problem skins such as Acne & Eczema.

All products contain Pure Essential Oils and Plant Extracts

that have been especially chosen for their Calming and Healing properties.

Paraben Free.



"Problem & Blemished Skin Lotion has completely changed how I feel about my skin. It's now clear and bright again. My confidence is back



19 Feb  18                             27 Feb 18                          11 Apr 18


Erica's Story

I am a Veterinary student studying at University College Dublin and have suffered with Acne for the last twelve months or so. This had affected my confidence greatly. I had been under a dermatologist during this time, who prescribed both an antibiotic and a gel but using them had not given any improvement to my skin. I was then advised to start a course of Roaccutane, which I was very reluctant to do. In the meantime, my Mum, back in Cork just so happened to speak with a colleague at her work who recommended the product Problem & Blemished Skin Lotion she had heard about. Following advice from ES Skincare to stop the antibiotic and gel treatment, I purchased the product and started to use it. In what has been very little time at all, my skin is almost clear. The pictures tell the story. I feel like a different person,it’s amazing. I will continue to use the product as part of my daily moisturising routine to help prevent further breakouts and heal the scarring that I have. I strongly recommend anyone suffering from Acne, to use this product. It's so simple to use. Applied twice a day and can also be used under make-up. It really works !!



 "My skin is clear, I feel amazing! " Erica 

13 Jun 18





Tilly's Story 

I am an "A" Level student and have been suffering with acne for about six months. At the beginning of the year my skin was at its worse. I saw a Dermatologist who prescribed two different antibiotics and I would take these with other prescribed medication. Nothing was working. My Mum did some research online and found ES Skincare who sold a product called Problem & Blemished Skin Lotion. I have followed their advice to stop all medication, cleanse twice a day and apply the lotion as my moisturiser. I have to be honest, I did not expect much but the results have been amazing. ES Skincare, I can't thank you enough. 



Jan 2019                   April 2019

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Problem and Blemished Skin Lotion  200ml
Problem and Blemished Skin Lotion 200ml
SS002- Skin Solution
5 out of 5 Stars!