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Esthetix G5 Gyratory Massage

Esthetix G5 Gyratory Massage


Deep Tissue Massage 

Lymphatic Drainage


"Your body is an alibi for your future, so take steps to ensure you take proper care of it.

The G5 massage is a holistic therapy. It is a simple, effective and efficient treatment for the body "



Developed in the 1930's, lymphatic drainage is a form of massage that stimulates the body's lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins. It provides a boost to the immune system and a deep penetrating massage achieving extraordinary results.


How does it work?

The lymphatic system is responsible for helping fluid and waste leave the body and for regulating the immune system. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, fluid builds up and stagnates, causing the entire system to become toxic, making us feel sluggish and more susceptible to viral or contagious diseases.

By stimulating this system through massage, it works more efficiently, which in turn boosts the immune system, clears blockages, eliminates toxins, transports nutrients to cells and increases the metabolism. Lymphatic drainage is essentially a form of massage carried out by a specialist practitioner. The first session involves a consultation to determine the client's needs and, at that point, the number and frequency of future sessions is decided upon.

What is it good for?

Lymphatic drainage massage is especially useful for individuals who seem to suffer regularly from common illnesses like colds and flu. It is also recommended for people who lead sedentary lifestyles, or those who want to reduce puffiness or swelling. It has been cited as having a positive effect on dysfunctional respiratory systems, people with law energy and those that travel frequently.

What are the benefits?

Lymphatic drainage massage boosts the immune system so, as well as helping the body ward off illness, treatment can facilitate general feelings of health and vitality. It also has a positive physical effect, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing puffiness caused by water retention or poor circulation. As with other massage, it promotes the body's own healing mechanisms. When combined with good eating habits and lifestyle changes, weight loss is accelerated.


Key Benefits:

Deep relaxing massage treatment

Helps to break down Tension

Assists in Weight-Loss & Detox

Relieves pain by removing Lactic Acid

Tones muscles

Accelerates lymphatic drainage of trapped toxins

Promotes relaxation & better sleep

Improves Blood Circulation

Relieves muscle tension & stiff joints

Boosts Immune System

Reduces Cellulite



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